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Frequently Asked Questions



What kind of shoes and clothes should I wear?

We recommend comfortable shoes that stay on your feet easily. They should be smooth enough on the bottom to allow you to pivot. Many dancers wear leather or suede bottomed shoes. Keds-type footwear and other low-friction street shoes also work.  For swing dance, most women opt for flats or low heels.

Clothing should also be comfortable, allow circulation, and allow you to raise your arms above your head. Casual clothes or formal attire are both welcome.


Are lead and follow positions determined by gender roles?

Anyone can learn to “lead” or “follow”, regardless of gender. In fact, many swing dancers eventually learn both lead and follow. We encourage people to pursue whichever role they want to learn.


Do I need to bring my own partner?

Swing is a social dance and you are welcome to come alone or with others. In a social setting people typically change partners after a song.

What if I have a specific partner I want to dance with the whole night?

We encourage rotating partners during the lesson. It will help both of you learn faster and is in the spirit of this social dance.

Do you have a Code of Conduct?

Yes. It’s available HERE.

What if I don’t want to dance with someone who asks me? Or, what if I want to dance in a particular way?

You have every right to politely decline any dance (or style) at any time. Overall, we encourage people to try dancing with everyone, regardless of ability, but please only do so if you are comfortable. Also, if you ask someone to dance and they turn you down, please do not be pushy.

Do you take credit cards as payment?

We prefer cash but we try to always have a credit card reader available. 

Do you have a student discount?

Yes. $8 with valid student ID.


Will you take requests to teach dances not on the calendar?

Yes! Tell us what you want to learn. We want to know! If we get enough interest in particular styles, we can make arrangements to teach them.

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